Many of our patients are school-aged children or adolescents or working adults. We are sensitive to your needs for convenient appointment times and we make every effort to accommodate your school or work schedules.

We do our best to minimize time missed from school or work for all of our patients. While appointments for placing braces or appliances or for special procedures are longer, most visits throughout treatment are fairly short. Therefore, to accommodate the largest number of people, late afternoon (or “after school”) appointments are reserved for shorter appointments only.

    Short Appointments (After School/Work)
  • Appliance adjustments of a minor nature
  • Checking and adjusting retainers
  • Inspection and adjustment of appliances for patients seen on an observation basis
    Longer Appointments (During School/Work)
  • Initial appointments for appliance construction
  • Lengthy appointments for adjustments, or for changes in the design of appliances
  • Repairs to broken or damages appliances

We make every effort to schedule school time appointments during easy classes. We also maintain the current school calendars for the local districts to assist in scheduling appointments as well.

If a scheduled appointment cannot be kept for any reason, please call us immediately. This enables us to schedule a new appointment to nearby date and permits another patient to have your original appointment time. Plase let us know if there is a scheduling conflict; we will try to reschedule your appointment to an earlier time or date. For cancellations, we require a 24-hour notice.


If you have broken appliances, please visit this page or call us immediately. To minimize further delays in your treatment progress, we may ask you to schedule an emergency appointment. If you already have an upcoming appointment in the next few days, please let us know in advance so that we can set aside extra time to repair or replace your appliances.

If we are not notified in advance of broken appliances and you arrive for an after school appointment, we will relieve your pain and schedule a longer appointment to fix the appliance as soon as possible.